Monday, August 15, 2011

Paris Hilton in Manila, loses her two mobile phones

Socialite Paris Hilton is now in Manila, but her two iPhones are missing.

In her twitter account she posted, So excited to go to the , can't wait to meet you all! Love you!. and right before their plane took Mabuhay Philippines! Mahal ko kayo! On the plane about to take off to you! See you all soon! :).

When she arrived at the NAIA Terminal 1, Mabuhay Philippines! I just arrived, thousands of fans waiting at the airport when I walked in. I feel so welcomed here! Mahal ko kayo! :)

She is not just excited to see Manila, she is also looking forward to see again her new found friends, pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee Pacquiao.  Looking forward to meeting up with my friends Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao while I'm here. They are such a cool sweet couple! Love them! :)

Paris learned a Cebuano dialect, Maayong buntag Pilipinas, kamusta kayo?

The only bad thing about her arrival is, losing her two mobile phones. A NAIA officer said that, right before she got out of the plane, she is already looking for her phones. Century Properties also clarifies that, she lose her phones in Dubai or Germany.

Right now she is doing a commercial and photo shoot for the Century Properties. She is also enjoying Filipino food, I love the food in the ! So delicious! Loves it :)

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