Wednesday, September 28, 2011

iPhone 5 prototype stolen in China, now in the hands of "casing manufacturers"?

Just weeks before the release of iPhone 5, the prototype and final design of the said gadget is loss in China.
The said iPhone 5 prototype is stolen from Foxconn factory, the largest producer of electronic components. The tracking device installed was disabled by the person who took it.

Base on the info gathered by Micgadget,the stolen iPhone 5 is now in the hands of those people who make cellphone cases. Case vendors in China is said to be selling iPhone 5 cases right before the new iPhone gadget is available in the market.    

Foxconn was penalized for the loss and the person who took it sold the prototype for $3,000. It was the test model, but some designs are the final design of the gadget.

This is not the first iPhone prototype is stolen, some of their designs have been stolen right before they introduce their products in the market.

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