Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ripping Off "Steve Jobs Apple" tribute image

Right after the death of Steve Jobs, a tribute image of him and his company Apple Inc. became viral.

Jonathan Mak's design

The image is made by a 19 year old student of HongKong Polytechnic University School of Design.  Jonathan Mak, is a student and an aspiring web designer, who made the white Apple logo with the black silhouette of Steve Jobs. He made the design back in August, when Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple Inc. It became viral as an emotional tribute for the man who made Apple Inc. the world's most valuable company.

But some are objecting that it is an original design, they say that Mak's design is a copy of Chris Thornley's design, a British graphic artist. Thornley's designed a black Apple logo with a white silhouette of Steve Jobs back in May. He made it for Steve as an inspiration since they are both fighting and receiving treatment for cancer.       

Chris Thornley's design

In defence of Mak's design he wrote on his tumblr account  "I will not apologize for “ripping off” Mr. Thornley’s work, because like others who have created similar pieces at around the same time (blatant copies notwithstanding), I have arrived at this design on my own."


Anonymous said...

jonathan mak's design is a lot better

Anonymous said...

mak's design is a lot better

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