Friday, January 6, 2012

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s jail time, postponed

Today is suppose to be the day Floyd Mayweather Jr. will start his 90 days jail time, but it was delayed by request of his lawyer.

Floyd is guilty of domestic violence, he was sentence to stay inside a Las Vegas jail for 90 days. Judge Melissa Saragosa, postponed the said jail time and will allow Floyd to have his fight on May.

Richard Wright, Floyd's lawyer, file the request, the plea is to make time for Floyd's mega fight on May 5 with a undetermined opponent. Mayweather Jr.'s lawyer reason out the financial and economic boost of the said fight.

Mayweather Jr. is not avoiding his obligation, he has contracts and commitments before the guilty verdict came out, Wright explained.

The judge granted the request, Floyd will start his sentence on June 1. The undefeated boxer is also required to enroll in a domestic violence counseling program, 100 hours community service and $2,500 fine.

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