Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pacquiao-Mayweather Jr hitting up

Pacquaio wants to fight Mayweather Jr., but he wants to have a 50-50 agreement 

In a press conference, the pound for pound king explained, "I will face him if we have a 50-50 guaranteed purse". Manny is pertaining to the money from pay-per-view television, gate and broadcast rights.

Bob Arum, who is now in the Philippines, insisted, the problem is not on their part, it is on Mayweather Jr's part.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
On the other hand, Mayweather's Jr. is taking his challenge in the interactive world, on his twitter he posted "step up punk". He also tweeted  I'm ready to put my belt up. What about you Manny Pacquiao? Let's make history and a picture with the belt.

The WBC champ is found guilty of domestic violence and sentence to be locked up for 90 days. The court granted their request to push back his jail time on June 1.

If the fight push through, both boxers will get a guaranteed purse up to $60 million.

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