Friday, March 9, 2012

Charice: new look, new image or new perspective in life?

International singer, Charice change her hair color, decided to have a "Justin Bieber" inspired hair plus a tattoo.

"Love Eternally" and an infinity sign is inked on Charice's left arm. She had it in Singapore just recently. In a press  conference she explained the meaning of the tattoo, "It‘s not just a tattoo. It has a meaning for me. This is for my love for the people, love for my dad, love for my family.”

Charice's new look shocked everyone, but for her “I know some people think that this is very rebellious but it‘s not. It‘s just me evolving. It‘s me transforming into another person that is totally me.”  

Charice Pempengco

Now people are questioning her sexual preference because of her new look and the change that she wanted. When asked about it she replied, "Why would you ask me that question? I think that's a very inappropriate question.  For me, just love me. I‘m a person. If you think I‘m a boy or a girl or if I look like a boy, then fine. I‘m Charice. What if people think she is a lesbian because of her new look? “I know what people think…I don‘t care,” says Charice. “This is the look that I want. The only thing that you can do is move on.”


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