Saturday, March 24, 2012

Katrina Halili no wedding bells inspite pregnancy

Actress Katrina Halili, is taking things slow now that she is pregnant.

Katrina Halili
In her interview yesterday at StartalkTX, she finally admitted that singer, Kris Lawrence is the father of her  child. But there is no plan of getting married soon, even if Kris is taking full responsibility.

Her father told her not to pressure Kris to marry her, and Katrina agreed. She just wanted to take things one at a time and her priority is to be healthy for the baby.

Career wise, now that she is pregnant, she plans to quit showbiz for a while but for now she can't leave her teleserye "My Beloved" as she plays a vital role. The staff assured that she will have a proper rest and won't stay up late on shootings.

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