Friday, May 18, 2012

Annabelle Rama for Congressman?

Controversial talent manager and mother of Ruffa and brothers, is thinking of running for Congress on 2013 election.

Annabelle Rama
Ruffa tweeted "Mom excitedly tells me that she's being offered to run for Congresswoman in her hometown in Cebu. I'm like, whatttt?? Kaloka. Then Annabelle replied " Bakit ka ba na shocked! Kasalanan ko ba kung ako ang napili para sa North District of Cebu?.( why shocked! Its not my fault, I was chosen to run in North District of Cebu)

But Rama is still thinking about the offer, she wanted the approval and support of the whole family "Pagiisipan ko, matagal pa naman yan. (I will think about it, its too early)

If Ruffa is hesitant, Raymond Gutierrez, expressed his support on his twitter account "It's still a long way to go & nothing's sure but family comes first. So whatever she decides to do, I will support her

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