Sunday, June 10, 2012

Celebrities furious over Pacquiao's loss to Bradley

Manny Pacquiao loss to Timothy Bradley after 12 rounds of boxing.

A split decision did the verdict of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight tonight. Through a social networking site, twitter in particular, celebrities pour their frustrations and disappointments over the decision.

Local celebrities from showbiz and politics believed, Manny won the fight.

Decisions aren't always fair, r they? Majority isn't always right, either. Pacquiao --yes, I was referring to the fight-- will have rematch.

What a shitty fight. It's was ugly but Manny still deserved the win.

ay nako. suntukan nalang ever!

We are PROUD of you MANNY! GOD loves you BROTHER!

Test of faith. Keep calm and carry on. One loss does not define a real champion. Go Manny! We all await the next match!Every now & then, life throws something to wake & shake us up. It' all good. Manny will become even stronger & better after this episode.


Reading all your tweets and cant believe Manny lost! How did that happen?!! Not used to this!

OMGGGGGG!!! Pacman LOST!! WTH!! :( :( :( :( :(

it's ok Manny!Hang on to your faith you may have lost this fight but You didn't lose God!

For me Manny won and he is still our world champion regardless of what the judges say.

But as an athlete, I say this to Manny Pacquiao, once a champion, always a champion. Respect and adoration of Filipinos continue.
Because Pacman is the best in this sport and gained international respect, even Hollywood stars felt, Pacquiao won the fight.  
Nevada state athletic commission at its finest!!! Youve for to be fucking kidding me!! that is disgusting Nevada state athletic commission!! Worst athletic commission in the country!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I'm floored! Shocked!!!!
Is this a joke? Bible am I tripping out???
The stats don't add up to the decision made. This is crazy! Can I really get my money back now?
So when Bradley checks the tape.... And sees what we all saw... Will he give the belt to Pac? What winner says they need to check the tape?

I love Bradley.. But what the f..hhhjjjjkkkkkhhhhlkkllkk U must be kidding me

I cannot believe what I just saw... Please tell me they read that decision wrong...

Congrats to the new winner but I'm still really upset about the results :(

I'm so disgusted. The JUDGES need to be drug tested! What fight were they watching?! I called the international broadcast and was on the......apron and Pacquiao simply outclassed him. Wasn't even close in my eyes... Unbelievable. So disappointed in my sport. Boxing is killing me.. Regardless... I will be there in November calling the rematch. Just in shock right now... I need a drink.

I watched allota fights but that decision was some bs. Now I wanna see pacqiou verses may weather I spelled PAC mans name wrong so what lol

Boxing is now officially a scam. Pac man whipped his ass and dignity or honor left in this sport.

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