Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drake Vs Chris Brown because of Rihanna

A brawl between Drake and Chris Brown happened in a New York Club last night. reported that, both Drake and Chris was in the same club. Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake, it is like a peace offering. The two had a twitter fight before and for Chris, to settle and leave everything behind he sent him a champagne. 

Drake is maybe not ready at that moment or maybe still hurt of what Brown said before. Instead of making peace, he sent the bottle back with a note "I'm fucking the love of your life (pertaining to Rihanna), deal with it".
Chris Brown.

Chris went to Drake's table and confronted him, Drake punch him and one of his friend hit Chris with a bottle. Brown suffered a minor injury and was treated immediately after the brawl.  

Chris posted a photo showing his cut, but later on he deleted the said post.He also tweeted "Bottle? It's nothing!Lol"

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