Friday, June 29, 2012

Katie Holmes files for divorce from husband Tom Cruise

After five years, Katie Holmes decided to put an end to her marriage to Hollywood superstar, Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes  and Tom Cruise
A statement released by Holme's rep, “Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy.”.

She wrote a “irreconcilable differences” and as report said, Tom was "blindsided" by her. He wants to deal with it privately but the two has a daughter, Suri, and she wanted full custody of the child.

Tomkat got married in November 2006 in Italy.  He confessed his love to her back in 2005 at Oprah Winfrey's show.

TMZ wrote that, Tom's commitment to Scientology is one of the reason why Katie left. He wanted Scientology to be part of Suri's life and it is not ok for her. Even if she's part of it, she is not full committed to the "religion".

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