Friday, July 6, 2012

Katie's Hollywood career controlled by Tom Cruise

During their five marriage, a source said that, Tom Cruise controlled Katie's career
 TMZ source said that, whether it is a professional matter, Tom has always the last say when it comes to  Katie.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Even when the romance between them was still starting, Tom already set the rules on his wife. TMZ  revealed, while doing the movie "Thank you for Smoking",  starring Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart.  Tom asked the producer of the movie to "kill" any photos regarding the kissing scene of the two stars.

TMZ source also added that, when Katie is doing "Batman Begins", Tom never allowed Katie to travel with his co-stars on a commercial plane. He let Katie used his private jet, Katie's co star, Morgan Freeman was "disgusted" by the situation.

On the coming days, expect more revelations on the married life of the two Hollywood stars.

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