Friday, August 31, 2012

Pia Guanio gives birth to Baby Scarlet Jenine

Kapuso host, Pia Guanio, is now a mom to  Scarlet Jenine Guanio Mago.

In an exclusive interview on 24 Oras, Pia and her husband, Steve, is very happy. When she heard her first cry, she cried too.They also has exclusive photos of Baby Scarlet Jenine Guanio Mago. 

At 1 am in the morning, August 30, Pia undergone caesarian section. Baby Scarlet is a big baby, she is weighting 7.8 pounds.  

Mike asked them what will happen after this, she said, they have to get some sleep because Scarlet has her way of "partying" all night. 

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