Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barack Obama wins 2012 U.S election

Pres. Barack Obama will stay in the White House for another 4 years.

The re-elect president won the swing states of New Hampshire, Michigan, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Ohio. It was a tight race since the beginning of the campaign, this is even the most expensive campaign election in the history of U.S.

Re-elected Pres. Barack Obama
Mitt Romney a Republican candidate and Pres. Obama a Democrat candidate, are exchanging accusations of lying and giving people falls hope. Hollywood stars are also involve in the said campaign season, Clint Eastwood appeared in Republican Convention to campaign Mitt Romney. On the other hand, Jay-Z and other celebs who supported Obama 4 years ago, still stand by him.

Now, another 4 years for Pres. Obama to resolve, increase of unemployment, territorial dispute among allied countries and threat of terrorist attacks. 



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