Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop Michael Jackson died at age 50.

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

I'm still in shock after hearing that the King of POp Michael Jackson is dead. I was listening to the radio while I am cleaning, then a Dj said that wikipedia is updated, and she read that the "late Michael Jackson" and I thought it was just a joke. And its a weird thing that they were playing Michael Jackson song with trivias and all his achievements, and then later on they announced that the show is dedicated to the King of Pop Michael Jackson and he is dead.

I read that he died of cardiac arrest, they tried to resuscitate him and then they rushed him to UCLA Medical Center. The cause of death is still unknown until the result of the autopsy reveal. The KING is expected to have a big comeback with his concert in London on July, but with his sudden death million of his fans will never see him again performing.

I am a Michael Jackson fan, his music and all his achievements, whatever happened to his personal life I think is a different thing. He created history in music with his album Thriller and with his songs. Until now his songs brings goose bumps and excitement on me, no one can ever compare on him when his on stage and started to do his signature dance, the moonwalk.

With his death people will start to recognize his achievements,will gave him awards and will say good things about him, for me it is too late to do because his gone. To think that when he was still alive they say nasty things about him.I really wonder why people and award giving bodies start to recognize someone who did great things when they are already dead. Why can't they gave it to them while they can still celebrate it and they can thank people that helped him.

Well another talented man is in GOD's kingdom now, again his music will always play in our hearts. REST IN PEACE KING OF POP!


Deviki @ Viki said...

i was still in bed when i got a text message from my sister ....i thought she was lying until my mom came to my room and said ..."did you hear?" and i knew it must be true......RIP MJ

Javabis99 said...

I heard it but I'm not so sure, until a few days later all the newspapers print it, I just believe he's really dead. I really like him, he was a musician who can give a phenomenal spectacle & dance beautifully. real musicians who do not have a replacement. goodbye MJ.

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