Friday, November 5, 2010

Dennis Orcollo won the San Miguel Oktoberfest 9-ball Open

Dennis "The Robocop" Orcollo took home 500,000 for winning the 2010 San Miguel Oktoberfest 9-ball Open at SM Skydome.After defeating Antonio Lining 10-7 at the semi-finals, Orcollo faced Rodolfo Luat for the finals.

Orcollo struggled in the first 4 racks after trailing 3-1 but got his rhythm back and lead the game 8-5. The Robocop dominated the next 3 racks to win the game.After 16 racks Orcollo won, 11-5 and named the 2010  San Miguel Oktoberfest 9-ball Open  Champion. Luat on the other hand took home 200,000.

The Magician Efren "Bata" Reyes didn't make it to the finals after losing to Antonio Lining last night. Another big time pool master that didn't make it to the finals is Django Bustamante, he loses to Rodolfo Luat.

The 3 day tournament that started last Nov. 3 is a combination of amateur and professional pool players.

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