Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Forbes Celebrity 100 2011

Lady Gaga is the number 1 celebrity by Forbes magazine.

Forbes Celebrity 100 is a list of celebrities who not just earned millions of dollars from endorsements, music, movies, etc, they now also consider social media power. Lady Gaga is in the number 1 spot beating Oprah Winfrey #2. The mother monster earned $90 million only compared to $290 million of Oprah, but Gaga top the web rank. It includes her twitter followers (9 million) and facebook fans (32 million).

The celebrities who made it to top 10 are, Justin Bieber #3, U2 #4,Elton John #5, Tiger Woods #6, Taylor Swift #7, Bon Jovi #8, Simon Cowell #9 and Lebron James #10. Black Eyed Peas,Robert Pattinson David Beckham, Charlie Sheen, Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock are some of the celebrities who made it to the list.

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