Thursday, May 19, 2011 Top 10 most powerful athletes ranks Tiger Woods as the most powerful athlete.

Tiger Woods  #1
Even if he got involve in a nasty break up with his wife and losing some big tournaments, Woods maintain his big time status in sports. He lost some endorsement, but Nike remain loyal to one of the greatest golf player. Tiger Woods appearance will cost organizers $3 million, that is why he is the world's best paid athlete.  

Lebron James #2
"The Decision" did not affect Lebron James at all, his jersey is the best seller this season and his shoes is the hottest in the market right now. Of course we can't deny that he is still the hottest NBA star this season, specially now his team is in the Eastern Conference Finals and trying to get the NBA crown.

Kobe Bryant #3
He failed to bring the Los Angeles Lakers to the finals but he is the highest paid NBA player right now. Even to the next NBA season he will retain the title, by next season he will gain a 30 million dollar salary. Bryant also signed an endorsement with Mercedes-Benz’s.

The other athletes who made it to list are Roger Federer (Tennis) #4, David Beckham (Soccer)#5, Phil Milkenson (Golf) #6, Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer) #7, Rafael Nadal (Tennis) #8, Alex Rodriguez #9 and Tom Brady (Football) #10.  

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