Thursday, June 9, 2011

Forbes: The best paid celebrities under 30

Forbes list down best paid celebrities under 30's, checkout who made it.

In a year they received a fat pay check from endorsement, album sales and movies.

Lady Gaga
1. Lady Gaga 25, who also tops the Forbes Celebrity 100 is again occupied the number one spot of the list.

2. Justin Bieber 17, is the youngest celebrity on the list and in second spot.

3. Lebron James 26,  not just made it to the NBA finals but also made it to the third spot.

4. Roger Federer 29, is in fourth spot with his major endorsement.

5. Taylor Swift 21, fifth place belongs to her with her album sales and tours.

6) Katy Perry 26, 7)Cristiano Ronaldo 26, 8)Lionel Messi 23, 9)Rafael Nadal 25,  and 10)Rihanna 23, completes the top ten spot of the list.

Also who made it to the list are, Dwight Howard 25, Dwayne Wade 29, Carmelo Anthony 27, Maria Sharapova 24, Miley Cyrus 18, Kristen Stewart 21, Robert Pattinson 25, Carrie Underwood 28, Lil Wayne 28.
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