Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli brawl

Last Saturday night, Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli got involve in a fist fight right after the Star Magic Ball 2011 at the Peninsula Hotel.

The reason behind the fistfight is Maja Salvador, Matteos' rumored girlfriend but, when Maja was interviewed yesterday by Boy Abunda at The Buzz, she admitted that she is Matteo's girlfriend. On the hand, Coco Martin was Maja's partner in "Minsan lang Kita Iibigin", and being romantically link together.

It happened at the Salon de Ning, it is still inside Peninsula Hotel, there were different stories coming out why the incident happen. There were reports that Matteo got piss with Coco and Matteo is so jealous with Coco and Maja's sweetness on screen. 

Witness said that Matteo just started choking Coco and then Coco retaliate with a punch. The brawl ended when Maja got between the two, but Matteo had blood in her face after the fight.

In a statement released by Thess Gubi, Star Magic Public Relations Manager, the said indecent was a pure misunderstanding, both artist felt sorry it happened and that everything had been fix between them.

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