Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ex-PBB housemate Tricia Santos: Anorexic or on a diet?

A very disturbing photo of ex Pinoy Bog Brother housemate, Tricia Santos is circulating on the cyber world.

Patricia Mae Santos or Tricia was a PBB housemate of PBB Teen Clash 2010. Inside the PBB house, she seems to be hated by the housemates, they feel she is too choosy with food and too arrogant to her co housemates.

But the fans love her, she is always nominated to be kicked out of the house but, she always got the highest votes that made her stay longer. She lasted 63 days inside the Big Brother house.Tricia is the under dog at the PBB house, she also has a pretty face. 

After almost 2 years, Tricia posted some disturbing photos on her twitter and facebook account. A very thin and very sicklook Tricia Santos is now seen on her photos.

Tricia Santos
These photos gained a concern comments from people and became a trending topic on twitter. They are saying she is anorexic, but Tricia clarifies that, shegot sick that is why she is so thin.

Tricia Santos

Tricia Santos sagala @ Mall of Asia.

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Anonymous said...

i saw tricia santos in david salon davao she was so thin, she was not the tricia santos that was seen in pbb that so sporty body

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