Monday, May 7, 2012

Erwin Tulfo's apology

The youngest Tulfo, Erwin, apologizes for "threatening" Raymart and Claudine.

Yesterday, Ben, Raffy and Erwin, gave their reaction on the brawl that their oldest brother Mon got into. On T3, Kapatid Sagot kita, they can't hide how they feel after seeing the video.

Today, on Erwin's radio show, she apologizes for what they said. They want to send their apologies to the people who saw and heard their "threatening" words for Raymart and Claudine. He said "Maging ang aming ina ay hindi nagustuhan dahil ito raw ay pagbabanta." Ang sagot ho namin sa aming ina, ito ay bugso ng damdamin. Inilabas lamang ho namin yung aming sama ng loob" ( Our mother didn't like what we said about threatening anyone, it's a burst of what we really feel that time).

The managemenr and the TV5 president didn't agree on what they did. On behalf of his brothers, they again apologise to the people.

Even Mon got disappointed of what they said, "’Unang-una, yung public opinion, nasa atin na. Saka yung revenge, e, is the lowest form of retaliation"(the public are on our side).

As of today, both parties, Mon Tulfo and Raymart filed cases against each other.

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