Monday, May 7, 2012

Tulfo brothers "it's not yet done" vs Raymart and Claudine

"It is not yet done", either a threat or a challenge to Raymart and Claudine coming from Raffy, Ben and Erwin Tulfo.

The Tulfo brothers believes in a saying "one for all, all for one", they will defend each other whatever it takes. Since the incident in NAIA was reported in different news programs, people have been waiting what will be the reaction of the other Tulfo's.

As expected, Raffy, Ben and Erwin are very furious about what happened to their older brother. The three gave their reaction about the incident in their show at TV5, T3.

Ben felt it is very difficult for them to watch the video, and his only word for Raymart "hindi pa tapos" ("it's not yet done"). He even challenge Raymart in a one in one fight.

Raffy said that, "ipagdasal mo o ipagtirik mo ng kandila na wag tayo magkita sa mall, kundi tatamaan ka sa akin" (just pray we won't bump to each other at a mall or else I will kick your ass).

Erwin also send his threat or maybe a challenge for Raymart "saksakan kayo ng sinungaling, kahit sino ang tanungin nyo sa NAIA, hindi ang kuya ang unang sumuntok ( you are liars, ask all the people at NAIA, they will say, it is not our brother who took the first punch). Also he said,  ipagdasal mo na di tayo magkita sa airport, sa NAIA 1,2 or 3, pinapayo ko sayo wag ka muna lumabas ng bansa, pag nagpang-abot tayo,wala akong pakialam, tatamaan ka sa akin"  (pray we wont see each other in NAIA 1,2,or 3, don't leave the country so we won't see each other, I assure you I will get even).

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