Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mon Tulfo, Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto brawl

One of the Tulfo brothers, Mon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago with his wife, Claudine, got involve in a brawl at NAIA.

The couple, Raymart and Claudine just arrived in NAIA, they came from Boaracay. Claudine got mad to a Cebu Pacific staff when she got the news that their luggage is missing. Tulfo who came from Davao and also at the same place in NAIA where Caluadine is freaking out., When Claudine started shouting and threatening the staff, Mon pulled out his phone and started taking a video.

In a statement, Mon said that, Raymart approach him, he wanted to get the phone, but he refused. He also said that Raymart punch him first and then one of his friend started to choke him.

On the other hand, in an interview, Raymart and Claudine said that, it is Mon Tulfo who started the fight. He even kicked Claudine twice and pushed. .

An unknown person who was also there, posted this video. It shows how Raymart, his friend and Claudine, gang up Mon. In an interview, Claudine said she was trying to stop the Raymart and their friend, but base on the video, she was also punching Tulfo.


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apple said...

Both of them have their own story, and both of them received pain. I think this issue might get on filing some complaints and case on each other. Let's just witness who are telling the truth.

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