Thursday, June 7, 2012

BAYO clothing official statement

After gaining negative reactions from netizens, BAYO released a statement regarding their "racist" campaign.

The ad campaign "What's your mix?" features models who are mixed nationalities. Some find it offensive and through social networking the sentiments was brought to the attention of the company.

We, at BAYO deeply apologize for the message our campaign "What's our mix?"  has unintentionally coveyed. We would like to express our regrets to those who have been offended or left discriminated against.

Our company and our partners have always taken pride in being pro-Filipino as we continue to celebrate our uniqueness and achievements. We believe that being a Filipino always make y ou 100% beautiful. It is unfortunate that this message got lost along the way .

We thank everyone who has shown support for our thrust of promoting Filipino beauty , talent and creativity .

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