Friday, July 27, 2012

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson's last "sweet moments"?

Last week, Sarah Geronimo celebrated her 24th birthday.

After 2 successful concerts to celebrate her birthday, she also had a birthday celebration on her show, Sarah G. Live. She had a special Michael Jackson dance performance together with Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano.

Gerald Anderson, Sarah's rumored boyfriend is also present, they had a dance number. It seems perfect and the pop princess looks very happy and always giggling.

But will this be the last happy moments between the two? There are some talks that, Gerald will stop courting Sarah and will try to concentrate on his career. He decided to stop courting her but he will remain a fan and a friend to Sarah.

People are saying, Mommy Divine, Sarah's mother, has something to do with this. Mommy Divine doesn't like Gerald and the thought that her daughter is "falling" for him.

Right before the show ended, Gerald is holding back his tears, while giving his message to Sarah. He gave her white flowers and gifts. He gave her a shirt with "Babe" written on it and a clock. Gerald explain his gifts, for the clock he said "Time is loss maybe can never found again".

Sarah sung her signature song of the night, "Music and Me', and change one line of the song to "Gerald and Me".

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